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Product Definition

Analyze the market segment, competition and customer needs to define the product features and drive the development.

Product Marketing

Product communication to the press, building of the product story in online and social media, preparation of shows, presentations of the product.

Product Strategy

Develop the product roadmap to maximize the profitability through the lifecycle.

Product Strategy

Define pricing and analyze the overall business profitability. Work with partners to create synergies covering skills missing in the organization.

Solution Architecting

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate able to design and define the technical architecture and components of products or systems to meet specific business needs, while ensuring their security, reliability, and scalability.

My Experience

I have spent around 25 years in digital business product development,
marketing and strategy, mainly in designing solutions for digital television worldwide.
I'm a technologist with strong business background.
If you plan a new business related to innovation, contact me.

My career started within the software development segment, driving development and integration projects to enable the production of digital cable and satellite products.

Moving into project management, I initially focused on these core strengths before crossing to the commercial side of the business where I drove market and technology prospects in the Asian market.

In Asia I have further developed my skills working to secure opportunities with a number of digital pay-TV operators while running the technical marketing, before returning to Europe to drive ADB into the IPTV market place, gaining the company a number of industry awards for its products and securing a number of contracts with major telecommunications operators worldwide.

While in Europe I mainly concentrated on enabling innovation in the company and developing ADB products from IPTV into multiscreen roadmap covering also both broadcasters and OTT operators.

Recently I helped to redefine the ADB’s software proposition for Personal TV into single, clear, and award winning offer.

Besides digital TV my interests cover areas of innovation, artificial intelligence, automation, digital marketing, and new trends in macro economy and technology.